Our Adderess is 500 Route 33 W / Sidd Plaza (sign white with red letters)

My studio is conveniently located on Route 33 West, just 5 miles west from Freehold and 5 miles east of Hightstown.  It is reachable from Exit 8 on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Going west on Route 33, the most outstanding landmark is Knob Hill Bowling Alley (left) and Vallaro Gas station (right) before the Iron Ore / Woodville Roads intersection.  Go through the traffic light; you will pass a Race Star gas station, the Silvi Concrete Co., and the Millstone Plaza Shopping Center (that is #490) on your right. Keep right; 500 (Sidd Plaza) is the next building.   There is a large entrance sign.  If you miss the entrance you can go in through the exit carefully.

From the Turnpike/Hightstown area, take Route 33 East for 5 miles toward the Freehold Raceway Mall.  You will pass the Millstone Road traffic light; the next light is Iron Ore Road.  Go through the light at Iron Ore Road and take the u-turn on the Right, (you will then be traveling West).  On your right will pass Race Star gas station , Silvi Concrete Co., a shopping center (#490) (stay way over to your right passing the shopping center) and you will see a white sign with red letters  (Sidd Plaza) with a red arrow.  Turn into 500 Route 33 at the arrow. (NOTE: Allstate is the most prominent tenant on the stack sign.)

If you miss the first entrance you can go into the second exit carefully. (There is not a lot of traffic.)