Why Permanent Makeup?

If you would like the convenience of not worrying where your makeup is, you may be a candidate for cosmetic tattoo.  Imagine romantically dancing and not worrying if your eyebrow is on your partner’s cheek.   Wake up in the morning and be able to run out and get the paper, without worrying who will see you with no expression.  You will always look fresh.  The radiance of skillfully applied makeup is washed away at the end of the day, but skillfully applied permanent makeup is beauty that lasts 24-7, easing your beauty routine.

Beautiful skillfully applied makeup can create a younger more vital appearance.  You will look brighter; more intelligent.  Permanent makeup can be used to alter less than ideal features with carefully placed pigment.  Lip lines can be straightened and sun-bleached lip color restored.  Non- expressive eyebrows are reshaped with almost matching color for a more vibrant look.  A base of color implanted in the root area of your eyelashes will make them appear thicker, giving a lush appearance and making your eye color appear more vivid, adding sparkle to the white of your eyes. If desired, more eyeliner can always be added.

The purpose of Permanent Makeup is to enhance your looks with natural looking procedures, not to follow makeup trends of the day.  You can always add more makeup when you need a more dramatic “dressed up” look.   Your base of Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo will always be there to guide you.

Men can take advantage of these procedures, also. If your coloring is light and you wish you had a little more definition in your eyes, a slightly darker color can be added with dots at the base of your eyelashes or a few strokes of color can be added to your eyebrows for a very natural looking base giving your eyes and face a much more expression.  Your eyes will twinkle, you will have a more distinguished, approachable look and no one will know why.

Scars on the head can be filled in, helping to make them unnoticeable.  Facial scars can be camouflaged.

The areola area of the breasts can be recreated if needed.

To have these advanced procedures done that will correct facial asymmetry, it is advised that you use a person who has studied facial morphology.  These procedures must be tailored to the individual’s need.