Eyebrows are the most neglected feature of your face.  They enhance you expression by framing the eyes and help express every emotion you are feeling. Eyebrows must be created to complement your face.

Cosmetic tattoo can add fullness and definition to thin, sparse brows, fill in a specific area or totally recreate an eyebrow designed especially for your face.   Never worry about using eyebrow pencil again!  Your eyes will always look well framed.

Properly shaped eyebrows will make you feel, lighter, brighter, and more intelligent.  When you look in the mirror you will see a more expressive person looking back.

Permanent eyebrows always look great. They frame the eyes and add expression to the face. You never have to worry about them coming off or smearing. Tattooed eyebrows look more natural than eyebrows drawn on because they are applied under existing hair or can mimic hair adding fullness and definition to the eyebrows.

eyebrow-contrast Eyebrows frame your whole face. Properly placed eyebrows can give you the look of a facelift. This is evident in the photo to the left.
Ronna came in from California on the red-eye and wanted to be refreshed. But, this is how she looked before when she came into my office. I had done her eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips a year before (photo right). eyebrow-contrast