Eyeliner created through permanent makeup looks exactly like the eyeliner you apply on a daily basis.A lash enhancement applied into the lash line  enhances your lashes, making them look thick and lush. The liner itself can be soft and hazy, or dark and very defined, based on your preferences. It is wonderful for those of you with allergies, eye problems or those wearing contact lenses.

If you love wearing eye liner and have problems applying eye make-up, this is the service for you. Your eye liner will always look fresh. You will never worry about eyeliner smearing again. And stop worrying about applying eyeliner, with your glasses off (or your contacts in), and not being able to see clearly what you are attempting to do!!

Permanent eyeliner enhances your eyes, whether you are female or male, by adding color that enhances the look of your eyes. which adds express to your entire face. Color added to the base of the lashes makes them look thicker, adds sparkle to your eyes and corrects slight imperfections. Your eyes will have a beautiful frame.