Scar Camouflage

Scar camouflage by Envision Permanent Makeup: Cosmetic tattooing provides camouflage to scarred tissue, can simulate the look of hair stubble on men, or recreate an aureola after reconstructive breast surgery. For example blend facelift scars, scars in the beard, or eyebrows.

Facelift scar: The vertical scar in the left photo below is from a childhood injury. The horizontal scar is the result of a brow lift.

The scars are no longer visible due to the blending camouflage technique demonstrated in the photo right below.

scar from forehaed life before forehead lift after cammofage

Scar Camouflage can be used in many ways from adding some color to a white scar or to building a full aureola after a mastectomy.

The following three images show the before, intermediate and after steps of camouflage tattooing.

Right breast mastectomy reconstruction.

The actual breast was formed from donor material from the stomach area.

Skin from left aureola was transplanted to the right breast to form a new aureola .

breast-inter And a patch of skin from the stomach was used to add skin to help form the new breast. Scars and stitch marks around aureola were blended and made to look even by tattooing color into the area. Color was also added to the white skin to make it blend to the entire chest and all scars left from the actual surgery were softened.
This procedure took three applications of color and blending over several months.  The picture to the right shows the breast three months after the first procedure.  Patient satisfaction was incredibly high. breast-after

There are many uses for cosmetic tattoo in camouflaging scars.  It has successfully blended scars from facial and head injuries.  Scars in the eyebrows and scalp can be easily blended.  Tell tale scaring from face lifts can be blended and made less detectable.  Pigment can be added to white scars blending them to the surrounding skin.

After several surgeries, Judy was left with a lot of scaring and the absence of areola and a lopsided look. By camouflaging scars and adding areola, Judy is looking much better.

bad mass before

bad mas after