Eyebrows are the most neglected feature of your face.  They enhance you expression  by framing the eyes and add consistency to the rest of your face.  Eyebrows must complement your face.

Eyebrows I

These brows definitely needed fixing. By adding more color and reshaping they took on a whole new look gave a softer look to her face.

Before After

Eyebrows II

Before After
carol-before carol-after
No expression Eyebrows impact expression

Eyebrows III

Sarah really  has beautiful natural brows.  However they are very light and fine. She wanted darker distinct brows to compliment her beautiful hair.  They are not healed here, when they do heal in a few days, they will be much softer looking and will frame her eyes beautifully.

Before After
sarahbefore sarahafter
Indistinct eyebrows Definition achieved

Eyebrows IV

Permanent makeup will fade after years and we touch them up or recolor them. Eyebrows are the most neglected part of the face.  The brow that is finished in the before picture really shows the contrast that beautiful brows give to your expression and bring out he beauty of the eyes.

Before After
sherry-before sherry-after
One eyebrow done Amazing improvement

Eyebrows V

A beautiful lady, brows add frame to a lovely appearance.

Before After
mary-before mary-after

Eyebrows VI

Julie has beautiful eyebrows, but just wanted them a bit fuller..

Before After
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