Joan on face Book

Hi everyone,

Your going to love her makeup,  I’ve been to two other people since moving to Florida.  Sandy is the best.  It lasted 8 years!


Ann wrote:

I love my makeup.  It is a pleasure waking up and having my eyemakeup in place.  I use to spend so much time trying to get my brows and liner straight.   It has to be wonderful for those with vision problems.


When you first tattooed my eye brows and they got red and swollen I was terrified.  I was going to a wedding in 5 days.  After the second day they started to looking a little normal and by the 4th day they were beautiful.  Now as I keep telling you I love, love, love my eyebrows!!!

Your friend Susan

From Anna

Having my eyebrows done (tattooed) was like coming out of bondage.